DAKSTAR Professional Bicycle Light BL1UB
----- Using Newest XM-L2


LED Type: CREE XM-L2 with 50000 hours life span

Max Output: 1000LM

Reflector: A custom-designed high performance aluminum mirror reflector for focused beam  

Lens: Toughened ultra clear and anti-abrasion glass with AR coating

Circuit: Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance

Function: Max-Min-Strobe

Battery: Battery pack

Working Voltage: 5.5V to8.4V

Switch: Tail Switch for easy operation

Impact Resistant: 1.5m

Material: Aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy

Waterproof: IPX-6 standard waterproof

Dimensions: Body width 35mm (1.38 inches)

Body height 35mm (1.38 inches)

Total length 51mm (2.01 inches)

Weight (without battery): 85g (3.00ounces)



●High efficiency drive circuit, with power indicator system and cut off the power when the battery capacity is low

●Switch on the tail to operate easier and more convenient

●A custom-designed high performance aluminum mirror reflector for focused beam 

●Premium Newest one CREE XM-L2 allows the light has a maximum output of 1000 lumens

●Specially designed for Bicycle, Search & Rescue, Sports, Hunting, and Outdoorsman



Press the tail switch to change the brightness modes



Output & Runtime:

Max output of 1000 lumens for approximately 3 hours

Min output of 500 lumens for approximately 7 hours

Note: Stated brightness and runtime figures are based on tests using Li-ion battery pack (approximate 4400mAH) under laboratory conditions. Variances in these figures will occur depending on battery used and individual usage habits.



●Don‘t shine the eyes straightly as the powerful light could cause a permanent injury.
●Don‘t disassemble the lamp frequently, in case of damaging the reflector or the bulb.
●Please release the batteries and keep them dry and cool when you won‘t use the flashlight for a time.
●When the battery is low, users will experience low brightness that cannot be increased via the ramping feature. The light should be turned off and charge the battery pack.